A need for better or more storage space can be a primary motivation when it comes to a homeowner considering a custom bathroom renovation. Particularly in situations where a bathroom is on the smaller side, space is at a premium, and it is important to make it all count. It can be particularly frustrating trying to find a spot for all the things you need in your day-to-day grooming when a bathroom seems cramped. Additionally, the idea of bringing more than is necessary in and out of the bathroom with you hardly seems practical. No, it is most ideal that if you only use or need something specifically in the bathroom, it should have somewhere in the bathroom where it can be stored.

A number of bathroom renovation and remodel designs are finding ways to be able to incorporate both practicality and beauty to bathrooms, while addressing the need for an increase in the storage space that is available.

Consider a Recessed Closet

Also known as a linen tower; recessed closets are a great and functional way of adding the extra storage space you need to almost any bathroom. You can conceivably fit everything you can think of, from towels to toilet paper, without eating up all the square footage that might still be available in a bathroom. A larger cabinet, about 90” or so is great for bulkier items (like those super lush and super soft over-sized bath towels, or being able to store the large 12-count package of toilet paper rolls). If all you are looking for is just a little more additional storage for smaller things like cosmetics and such, you can even opt for smaller cabinets with a reduced depth, such as 12” instead of the more “standard” 18-or-21” options.

No matter what your storage requirements are when it comes to planning out your custom bathroom renovation or remodel, trust the experts at Ross Brothers to have the knowledge and experience to satisfactorily deliver everything you are looking for and more. Call them today at 954-361-3090.

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