The addition of a whirlpool tub to your bathroom has the ability to make it instantly so much more luxurious and elegant. A whirlpool tub has the ability to transform your bathroom from just a basic to absolutely beautiful and spa-like.

Choosing the Style Appropriate For You

Typically, any standard 5’ by 7’ or 5’ by 8’ bathroom can have a whirlpool tub installed easily, without it taking up too much of the bathroom’s space. You don’t typically need to have a large area, or even undergo an entire bathroom renovation to be able to fit one in comfortably and properly. Along with choosing a whirlpool tub that fits into your space you should also choose one that fits into your budget.

A whirlpool tub can, on average, cost anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000, all depending on what- exactly- you are looking for. The cost of installing a whirlpool tub is only slightly a little more than the installation of a standard tub.

How Will the Whirlpool Tub Be Used

How, exactly, do you plan on using your whirlpool tub? If you plan on it for being recreational use only, any standard whirlpool tub should suffice. If you’re looking for something more along the lines of a multipurpose role as well as being used as your primary shower, then the whirlpool tub requirements and the corresponding pricing are going to change. Along with your shower head, you’re going to need to have a bath filler installed. This is what will give you the option of taking either a shower or a bath. Bubble jetted tubs are another option to consider. This tub type has many small pinholes throughout the bottom and the sides of the tub, and gives the bath a very relaxing and effervescent effect.

Electrical Considerations

You might not think your whirlpool tub has any effect upon your home’s over-all energy use, but it actually does. There is the option of having your whirlpool tub run off of its own GFCI circuit, so that it is separate from everything else. If you live in an older home, make sure that you have sufficient amp service to properly run the tub. The professional who installs your whirlpool tub will be able to determine if your current electric service can handle the load or not, or if it will need to be upgraded.

Appropriate Cleaning

You may have heard that that whirlpool tubs breeding grounds for things such as bacteria. If you clean your whirlpool tub regularly with vinegar however, you should be able to keep the bacteria at bay. Some higher-end whirlpool tub models even have self-cleaning features.

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