When it comes to the countertops for your custom bathroom remodeling or renovation project, an ideal material to consider is that of granite. Granite has a variety of vivid and natural colors to choose from. Not only does it have a wide color palette to choose from, it is an ideal material to use for countertops because of its sturdy and near diamond-hard surface. Granite’s natural beauty and durability makes it a great option to consider for the countertops or vanity areas of your bathroom.

Because of its sturdy and durable quality, using granite is a good way to protect against scratches, heat, and stains. Granite is also great at resisting the growth of mold and mildew, which can be common problems in rooms of the house like bathrooms, where the humidity caused by those hot morning showers can usually promote mildew and mold growth. Granite is a material that is reliable, sturdy, solid, and strong. It is great at standing up to moisture, and granite countertops are able to get wet without having to fear possible damage.

There is also a limited environmental impact when deciding to use granite for your bathroom vanity or countertops, as granite is completely natural. Available in the form of either entire slabs or in tiles, this essentially damage impervious material can also be tinted to nearly any color imaginable. Granite can also be sealed to further protect against possible damage, which gives it a very long-lasting lifespan. When you consider using granite for the material of your bathroom’s countertops or vanity areas, you can be assured that its beauty and durability will add value to your home.

Granite tiles are smaller and are modular, which allows them to be adapted easily to nearly any surface of the bathroom. If you desire, you can possibly even use granite tiles to add a decorative flair to your shower or tub area, or even as the backsplash for your vanity or sink area. Slabs of granite can be purchased as well, with only the size of the bathroom and the ability to install it being the only limits.

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