Showering isn’t solely about shampooing your hair and cleaning your body. Individuals invest such a great amount of time in their showers, that when the time becomes ideal to consider bathroom remodeling or renovation, the comfort and experience that is offered by a shower has become an important consideration. Truth be told, each new shower will get you clean, however not every option will fulfill your needs of comfort and happiness when it comes to that morning shower that helps to set the mood and pace of your entire day.

While showers and the different types available are a growing trend in the industry for bathroom remodels, individuals still haven’t totally relinquished idea of tubs. Tubs have remained as an essential element to have in homes, particularly for those with families and young children. Yet in terms of master bathroom redesigns, large customized showers are gaining footing as the preferred way to go. The size of these showers isn’t the only element that is making them so popular; it is also the way they can make your bathroom- and by extension, your home- more unique.

Popular Trends in Shower Design

Shower seats are increasing as a popular addition to the basic shower. When you contact an experienced general contractor for your bathroom renovation project, you have the option of having the shower seat built directly into the wall of the shower. This is able to add an element of comfort, as well as a place to relax, that doesn’t detract from the aesthetics and beauty of the design.

The option of a shower-spray experience that is truly customized and unique is one of today’s features that many people are choosing to incorporate and install in their showers. The unique experiences that can be considered vary. From option for body spray functions, waterfalls, and even installing steam generators so that an individual can achieve that spa experience that is so totally relaxing. Customization can also include options for shower preferences to be installed; imagine the ability for preset temperatures, spray experience preferences, and flow volumes for each user of that shower. Other elements that have been deemed popular include mood lighting options and the ability of Bluetooth technology to stream music through the shower head while the showerhead streams water simultaneously. These days, standard is out and custom is in.

Consider incorporating some of these unique elements into your custom shower design, but remember – it’s customized, so it can be anything you want it to be. When it comes time to achieve your customized bathroom paradise, contact Ross Brothers. In Broward County contact them at 954-361-3090 or in Palm Beach County at 561-320-8390

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