A bathroom renovation project doesn’t only enlarge your bathroom and provide more room for you and your morning preparations; they additionally give your home a new look and feel. A significant part of bathroom remodeling ventures is getting the right surfaces for your new floors, walls, shower and counters. These are the materials that you will be looking at each and every morning, so it is critical that they send the message that you need them to and work with how you live.

Walls, Floors, and Shower Options

With such a large number of choices accessible for the style, color or material of bathroom surfaces, individuals are regularly seeking out materials that will make their bathrooms feel spa- or Zen-like, and are capable of transforming their bathrooms into the most comfortable spaces conceivable.

For many individuals, the utilization of tiles as the primary flooring material, as well as for the surface choice of the walls and floors of their custom showers is preferred. Tile has been a mainstream bathroom staple for quite a while due to its water-safe, simple to-clean look that arrives in a collection of shades; however ceramic has dropped out of popularity a bit to make room for the option of porcelain.

The option of tile notwithstanding, stone is a becoming prominent decision being made in bathroom remodeling– particularly as accent pieces. Sliced stone and river rock are especially prominent alternatives, and is habitually utilized as a part of mosaics alongside tile, glass and metal. Moving away from the trend of having everything the same in a bathroom, individuals are becoming fonder of the option to utilize different styles, different colors, and alternative materials for their bathroom surfaces.


The other essential surfaces in bathrooms are the counters. Whether around the sink or paired with a vanity, counters are able to take a considerable measure of use and abuse, so it is critical that they’re durable as well as gorgeous.

Both quartz and granite are amazingly tough and are impervious to scratches and stains, despite the fact that granite requires a yearly sealant to be applied. Marble is used in some instances, yet this permeable substance is known to be excessively delicate and possibly too sensitive for general, everyday use. Laminate, a prevalent option for kitchen counters, is once in a while used as a part of bathrooms these days.

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