A close tie with custom kitchen remodels and renovations, custom bathroom remodels and renovations are some of the most popular home improvement projects a homeowner could possibly consider. When it comes to a custom bathroom, there are a lot of things to consider. However, one of the main focuses on a bathroom- other than the obvious toilet or bathroom sink- should be on the shower. On average, an individual will spend about 10 minutes every day in the shower. Every year, that’s a good 3,650 minutes you will spend inside the shower of your bathroom. Over an average person’s lifetime, that can equate to about 182 days (assuming the average lifespan of the typical American being somewhere in the ballpark of 72 years). Since you’re going to be spending literally a lot of time in the shower, shouldn’t your shower be a custom shower that you absolutely love?

These days, the showering experience isn’t just about functionality and getting clean. No, showers are now about so much more. For some homeowners, their custom showers will incorporate such elements as the option for a steam shower, options to incorporate shower heads that are customizable to provide anything from a light flow of water that can make you feel as though you’re standing in the rain (although, hopefully much warmer, and far more comfortable- and without the drawback of wet clothes that are going to be anything but comfortable later on), to an invigorating massage. Most individuals love the idea of a nice, hot shower to be able to relax. These days that hot shower option can go even further with added elements like tiles that heat up in your shower. As strange as it may seem, you can really take the art of multitasking even further, with the ability to have additions such as telephones or even televisions inside your shower.

When it comes to a custom bathroom, and more specifically a custom shower, if you are able to dream and imagine it, it more than likely can be done and accomplished. Make sure to call Ross Brothers today at 866-804-9750 today to discuss your custom bathroom options.

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