Is your bathroom smaller than you would like it to be? Have no fear. You may be surprised to learn that there are a number of big ideas that can effectively combat the sense of claustrophobia of a bathroom by helping to physically scale down and save space, as well as color and lighting ideas that can help to add to the illusion of a roomier bathroom.

Asian Design

One way to add some fluidity to an otherwise cramped bathroom is to incorporate aspects of a more contemporary Asian inspired design. Using richer and darker colors, and the Japanese kaidantansu (which means stepped chest), the walls of a smaller space can seem to recede.

Lighting Up Illusion

Using the right ambient and task lighting scheme, you can achieve an illusion of a room being larger than what it really is. You can also help to open the room up and make the most of the space by getting rid of various non-essential elements that could just be taking up space. Adding just the right little details and finishing touches can also really help to pull the bathroom together and make it feel more like a bathroom rather than a tiny water closet.

His and Her Bathroom

With a the use of a large, frameless mirror, as well as using well-placed task lighting and continuous horizontal lines, it is easier than you might have realized to create a space that seems larger than it is, and appropriate for a his and her bathroom scheme.

When you have a smaller space to work with, it really is all a matter of creativity and design know-how to be able to pull off a big bathroom hit inside a smaller space. If you are looking to improve upon your small bathroom, but feel imposed upon by a smaller than ideal space, make sure to call Ross Brothers today to address the various options that are possible to transform your bathroom from “okay” to “wow!” Call us today at 954-281-7944.

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