When it comes to the leading and most popular home improvement projects today, bathroom renovations are still high on the list. If and when and individual should choose to sell their home or condo, it can be expected that nearly 80-90% of the investment put into remodeling and renovating a bathroom is returned. Like many other areas in life in general, what you get out of it will relate to what you put into it. Ross Brothers, a local and trusted general contractor, has the know-how, and experience that is necessary to ensure that it is a job well done when it comes to your bathroom remodeling or renovation.

The scope of a bathroom remodeling project can range from smaller and simplified ones, to jobs that are larger and more complex. A simple addition or update to your bathroom’s vanity may be all that you want and require; and Ross Brothers is able to deliver that. If you have the desire to redo the entire bathroom completely, creating a space that is essentially entirely new; Ross Brothers is able to deliver that as well. The bottom line is that the size of the job doesn’t matter; what matters most if your satisfaction with it.

The first step after you contact Ross Brothers will be scheduling a visit to your home for a comprehensive consultation. This visit will allow for a detailed assessment of the current state of your bathroom to be conducted, and an opportunity to be able to discuss and review the plans or ideas that you have for the project. Ross Brothers assists in the process of calculating what the approximate cost of the project will be. In cases where the approximate cost of the project might exceed what you budgeted for your ideas and plans, Ross Brothers is able to discuss and suggest other options that are available, that can work within the budget you have in mind.

Once the initial consultation has been completed, and you are satisfied with the proposals and estimates and are ready for them to begin the work on your home improvement project, the real work can begin. With well over 27 years of experience, Ross Brothers are far from strangers in these home improvement projects that involve the bathroom. The “No Mess Guarantee” that Ross Brothers promises that you will not be left with someone else’s mess to clean up; they take the extra time and care to ensure that your home is left in the same condition it was found in… In fact, your home will be left in a condition better than what it was found in, because of the satisfaction you will have with the results of the project.

In Broward County contact Ross Brothers at 954-361-3090 or in Palm Beach County at 561-320-8390.

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