Right alongside with kitchen remodeling, remodeling a bathroom ranks up there as one of the most popular home improvement projects in America. Very often, bathrooms tend to be very utilitarian in nature. We may think of it just as a place to shower, to shave, and… Well, yeah… That. However, bathrooms don’t have to be just about functionality. It is an important aspect, sure. But why not allow yourself some indulgence and have a bathroom that is equally as stunning as it is functional.

When you are considering remodeling your bathroom, there are a few things to consider.

Storage Space
Does your bathroom have enough storage space? Are fresh towels easily within reach for when you step out of the shower or bath? You might want to consider ensuring adding cabinetry or shelving, to really help maximize storage and minimize clutter.

Adjusting the height of the sink basin or the counter may be something you should consider. You want your vanity to be at a level that is appropriate to your comfort. If you have younger children, it may be wise to consider a vanity with a pull-out step that’s built in, just for them.

The “Right” Lighting
Lighting definitely has the ability to change how anything looks. As it has the ability to cause shadows and can make it difficult to see yourself properly in the mirror, you may want to consider not installing recessed lighting in your bathroom.

Install a Heater In the Bathroom
With few exceptions; many people enjoy their morning showers to be nice and hot. Sometimes, especially in the mornings, we may be hesitant to turn off the stream of hot water and step out of the shower to dry off because the idea of how cold and shocking to our bodies it is going to feel when the source of warmth and comfort stops abruptly. Perhaps consider installing a heater (maybe even one with a timer) in your bathroom to help make the transition from shower to drying off more manageable.

Good Ventilation is a Must
The proper ventilation in a bathroom is important. Not only does it promote a healthier environment, but it can also help to ensure that your mirrors don’t fog up while you’re trying to look at yourself in them.

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