A custom bathroom renovation or remodel is a great way to be able to both add value to your home, and to make a bathroom more enjoyable to use. While it is necessary for a bathroom to have practical and functional features, there isn’t any reason why a bathroom renovation or remodel design can’t achieve a more stylish and enjoyable feel to them as well. Certain bathroom remodeling trends can also help to make a bathroom more eco-friendly and can even help to make the cleaning and upkeep easier as well. When it comes to the more major renovations or remodels of a bathroom (which includes more than just updating hardware and fixtures, or swapping out an older commode for a newer and more water-saving efficient toilet), there are certain trends that are increasing in popularity.

The first trend is that of incorporating a walk-in shower when possible. Walk-in showers are any shower that doesn’t have any type of a door attached to it. Often, it won’t even have a lip at the edge of the entrance. Quite literally, a walk-in shower allows you to walk in and out of the shower without any impediments.

Another trend that is increasing in popularity is the addition of frameless showers. The reason these shower options are becoming so popular is because they have no tracks that can hold dirt, making them far easier to clean. The frameless shower option also seems to succeed better at keeping water inside the area of a shower. The unobstructed view that they offer to the tile in the shower also helps to give a more elegant look and feel to the bathroom.

Other bathroom renovation trends that you might wish to consider for your custom bathroom are the growing number of products and materials presently on the market today that are lauded as being eco-friendly or “green.” For instance, many individuals enjoy the idea of being ecologically responsible, and opting for tile in their bathroom that is made of recycled glass.

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