Hiring a general contractor to assist in your custom bathroom renovations is a great idea, particularly in situations when watching a few DIY videos just aren’t going to be enough to renovate or remodel your bathroom yourself. However, it can feel significantly overwhelming when it comes to trying to find and interview potential contractors, especially if you don’t know what exactly you should be asking in the interview.

Asking For Credentials

The first step in interviewing potential contractors is not being shy in asking about the licensing and certification they have. You want to be able to ensure that the skills they have will actually be a match for and benefit your particular custom bathroom renovation.

Asking for a Portfolio

Whatever skills, licensing, and certification a contractor claims to have, it is absolutely useless if they’re not able to deliver quality work that their previous clients were satisfied with. A good contractor will typically be able to offer up a portfolio that shows examples of past jobs and their quality.

Word Of Mouth

What past clients have to say about a company is one of the most critical aspects that will either make or break a business. Don’t be afraid to ask any contractor you may be interviewing if they are able to contact past clients as a reference. Speaking with past customers can really help you gain perspective as to the quality and satisfaction that client has with the previous job the contractor in question did.

Choosing Ross Brothers

If you are considering custom bathroom renovations, know that you can trust Ross Brothers to deliver the quality and satisfaction you care about. With close to 30 years in the field, Ross Brothers has the necessary skills and reputation to make your custom bathroom renovation a successful home improvement project. Give Ross Brothers a call today, to discuss your options, by calling 954-361-3090. Let us show you why Ross Brothers really is the name you can trust, and why we look forward to providing you with the quality and satisfaction that you deserve.

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