The Most Stylish Room in the House

As one of the most commonly used rooms in a home, bathroom remodels and renovations are popular in home improvement projects. Trending these days are the desires for a luxury bathroom. Typically, the bathrooms attached to master bedrooms or suites are being transformed into spots where a homeowner is able to escape to be able to unwind and relax. These trendy bathrooms are also proving to be a great way to increase any potential resale value of a home significantly. When it comes to a luxury bathroom, it is possible to make the bathroom the most stylish room in your home.

Planning For Your Dream Bathroom

Before you start planning and plotting your luxury bathroom renovation or remodel, you need to decide whether this luxury bathroom of yours is going to be a reflection of your home’s overall style, or if you want it to have its own style departure, and be a room of beauty unto itself. You may also want to consider the idea of openness, especially if the planned luxury bathroom is inside of or adjacent to the master suite. When there is an open flow between the master suite and the bathroom, it can have the effect of making both spaces feel larger.

Dream Big for Your Luxury Bathroom

Luxury bathrooms inspire a desire to go big when it comes to fixtures. A separate walk-in shower as well as a standalone tub for luxuriating in, or a whirlpool bath for all things relaxing, can be excellent choices to consider. You can add to the open feel of a walk-in shower by considering making it an all-glass enclosure. Double sinks are not only convenient; they are also a thing of beauty. If the space allows, you might even consider enclosing the toilet into its own nook, which can provide extra privacy- particularly if you share a bathroom. Many luxury bathrooms also seem to be adding a popular sitting area, with a vanity to make getting ready and getting beautiful each morning an absolutely beautiful experience.

Call Ross Brothers for Your Luxury Bathroom Needs

Ross Brothers Bathrooms is able to help you renovate or remodel your bathroom to provide the luxury bathroom you want. When roughly three decades of experience, quality and satisfaction matter, Ross Brothers Bathrooms is the name you can trust so contact us today at 954-361-3090 in Broward or 561-320-8390 in Palm Beach County.

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