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Ross Brothers is a South Florida residential contractor specializing in turn-key bathroom remodels which include beautiful bathroom cabinets. We provide an extensive amount of choices when redoing your bathroom. We can also build your bathrooms from scratch if you are building a brand new home. Our general contractor has been licensed for over 27 years making Ross Brothers one of the most experienced South Florida contractors in the business. When you hire Ross Brothers to do your remodeling and install your beautiful new bathroom cabinets, you also get our exclusive 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you call us we will arrange for one of our professional bathroom designers to come to your home and perform a no obligation evaluation. We want to understand exactly what you want from your new bathroom. Whether you are remodeling your master bath and want a large whirlpool spa and custom bathroom cabinets; or you are sprucing up a secondary bath, Ross Brothers will provide you with the best quality products and service for a competitive price.

Call Ross Brothers today to schedule a time for one of our professional bathroom designers to perform your free in-home evaluation. You can reach us at (954) 361-3090 in Broward County or (561) 320-8390 in Palm Beach County. Call us today and discover the Ross Brothers difference.

Bathroom Cabinets from Ross Brothers

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, concepts and ideas can come from every direction. It is important that you communicate with your designer so that they have a complete understanding of the goals and objectives that you have for your bathroom. With our vast experience in bathroom remodels and sales of bathroom cabinets, we at Ross Brothers we want to suggest that you to consider the following few things:

  • The purpose for your renovation is very important. If you are using your remodeling as an investment strategy then you need to arrive at a design that is properly structured for your budget.
  • To achieve the best resale value you want to make sure that the theme of the bathroom is not out of line with the overall theme of your home. Many people lose sight of this and build an elaborate bathroom that is overvalued for the home, or leave out too many details and end up with a bathroom that appears cheap when compared with the rest of the home.
  • Consider all general rules of design for bathrooms just as you would for a kitchen. Color coordination, functionality, and space-planning is extremely crucial due to the size of the most bathrooms, so it is very important to factor in lighting and layout of your design to maximum your functionality in a small confined space.

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Your bathrooms are an extremely important part of your South Florida home or condo. When it is time to remodel them and you want the best quality products and installation services, call Ross Brothers. You can reach us at (954) 361-3090 in Broward County or (561) 320-8390 in Palm Beach